Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dear Future Husband Part Uno

Dear future husband,
You left the toilet seat up again. How do I know this? Because I know you. Scratch that, every fibre of my being knows you, as well as I know myself because you and I are one. I have dreams of the fights we'll have about petty insignificant things like who left the light on or who's turn it is to take the dogs out for a walk, and these things make me yearn for you so much more. Clumsy,bad cook, terrible dancer you. The only one that can make me cry because I laughed too hard, the one who will seize my credit card when there is a Steve Madden sale because I'm saving up for something bigger. That joint account thing will be sooo fun to figure out, lol .

Gosh! I hate that I love you so and we haven't even met! I hate that I have unexplainable feelings that only God can understand. I love the fact that social media confuses you, you're an old man in a young one's body and I find that positively sexy and you know it. I love that you laugh at my addiction to Instagram and constantly putting you on it, and I especially love the fact that you take me a lot of pictures because you love it when I say "bae caught me off guard"

You make me so mad when you ignore me because you're mad and you know that's the only way I'll listen, I hate that you're always right and I start most of the arguments, you angel you

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